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What are the common failures of concrete pump truck?

May 29,2023

Concrete pump is a kind of mechanical equipment used by many construction parties at present, which can greatly improve the efficiency of construction. In civil construction engineering, high-rise building engineering, water conservancy engineering, large foundation engineering, bridge engineering, subway engineering, hydropower engineering and other projects, you can often see the application of concrete pump truck.

So what are the common failures of concrete pump truck ?

This is a problem that many construction parties are very concerned about.

Experts point out: as a special concrete conveying machinery, concrete pump has greater mobility, is generally installed on the special vehicle or car chassis concrete pump, with high pouring quality, construction speed, labor saving and other advantages. In the course of practice, the concrete pump truck will more or less appear some failures due to the difficulty of operation and complex structure. So what are the common failures of concrete pump truck? Now we introduce the following:

The hydraulic oil temperature of the pumping system is too high



In the process of continuous operation, the reversing pressure impact is often accompanied by the concrete pump truck, and the reversing of the pumping system is more frequent. The main oil circuit of the pumping hydraulic system is a closed circuit, which is generally in the state of large flow or high pressure. It is composed of two main hydraulic cylinders in series and a bidirectional variable axial piston pump. Once the pumping system fails, the oil temperature of the concrete pump truck will inevitably be too high. High oil temperature is mainly due to the adjustment, maintenance, improper operation of components, or manufacturing and design problems. 

Specifically, there may be some of the following reasons:

1. The internal leakage of the hydraulic system is too serious;

2. The relief valve is not unloaded or the setting pressure is too high;

3, the cooling fin of the cooler is poor heat dissipation, excessive dust accumulation;

4. The cooler fan stops running;

5. The cooler is blocked;

6. The setting pressure of the low pressure relief valve is too high or damaged;

7. The hydraulic system of the boom is not unloaded;

8. The oil volume of hydraulic oil is not enough. When the oil temperature rises too fast, or the temperature of hydraulic oil is higher than the normal working temperature of 30℃ ~ 80℃, it should be found in time according to experience.

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