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The structure and working principle of concrete mixer truck

May 29,2023

Concrete mixing transport truck using a special second class chassis refitted, mainly used for transport in line with the requirements of uniform concrete, is an ideal, modern, pollution-free concrete mixing transport equipment.

This series of concrete mixing transporter is hydraulic-mechanical driving mixing transporter, which is mainly composed of the following parts:

vehicle chassis, hydraulic drive system, water supply system, frame, mixing cylinder, control system, feeding system, discharging system and related accessories (as shown in the figure).


1. Mixing drum

Mixing drum is the main part of concrete mixing truck, mainly used for bearing and mixing concrete. There are two spiral blades welded in the body of the cylinder which are 180° each other wrong. When the cylinder rotates clockwise, the concrete will be pushed to the bottom of the mixing cylinder continuously by the blades. The concrete at the bottom of the cylinder will be turned back by the end wall of the mixing cylinder to make the concrete fully mixed. When the cylinder rotates counterclockwise, the concrete is guided by the blades towards the mouth of the mixing cylinder until it is discharged from the mouth.

2. Hydraulic transmission system

The hydraulic transmission system adopts the force taking mode of the engine of the original car, that is, the force is output through the rear end of the chassis engine, and the power is transferred to the hydraulic pump through the drive shaft. The high-pressure oil of the hydraulic pump drives the motor, and the motor transfers the power to the reducer and drives the mixing cylinder to rotate forward or reverse, so as to realize the feed stirring, agitating or discharging. The output flange of the reducer can be deflected in a certain range, which can compensate the displacement of the axis of the stirring cylinder and ensure that the driving of the stirring cylinder is not affected by the distortion and deformation in the process of car operation.

3. Water supply system

Water supply system of concrete mixing truck, mainly used for cleaning mixing device. Pressure water supply is adopted.

4. Control system

It is composed of a series of rods for controlling the feeding, agitating and discharging of the concrete mixing transporter.

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