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How to prevent pump truck rollover accident

August 08,2023

Rollover accidents of  concrete pump trucks  are relatively common in construction now. The most important reason is that the outriggers are not laid properly. On the field, there is a high chance of rollover. So how to prevent the occurrence of concrete pump truck rollover accidents?

Concrete pump truck manufacturers have more or less added intelligent anti-overturning measures. These measures are mainly divided into two categories:

1. The inclination installation of the concrete pump truck to detect the level of the vehicle and the sensor to detect the force of the outriggers. The inclination sensor can sense the levelness of the vehicle and send the level angle information in real time, which can effectively prevent the concrete pump truck from tipping over due to the slow settlement in the air. The function of the inclination sensor is to measure the angle of the entire inclination in real time. The measurement accuracy of the inclination sensor is higher than 0.05 degrees. It can filter out the small tremors caused by the vibration of the engine and the pump, and trigger an alarm when the left and right angles are greater than 3 degrees or the front and rear tilt angles are greater than 5 degrees.

2. The force sensor of the outriggers of the concrete pump truck detects the force status of each outrigger in real time. When the force on the two outriggers on a certain side is less than a certain value, a warning is issued in time or the subsequent action is terminated. What needs to be added is that artificial intelligence has never been omnipotent. This kind of axial gravity sensor can only sense the force in a certain direction. Due to the shaking of the whole vehicle and the verticality of the outriggers during pumping, the detected force The authenticity is not enough, there is the possibility of false signal and missing signal.

At the same time, there are many factors that constitute the overturning of a concrete pump truck. In addition to the necessary protective measures, human judgment and the on-site experience of the operator are particularly important. A good pump truck operator trumps all smart installations. The above types of defects have a high probability of occurrence, and can only be avoided according to the operator's experience in actual operation.


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