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How to maintain about the used concrete pump truck?

May 26,2023

Firstly, the maintenance about four systems of concrete pump truck

1. Boom Section System

Inspected and changed pipelines, clamp, seals

Inspected and changed boom cylinders seals and counter-balance Valve

Inspecting all boom section lubrication


2. Pumping System, Swear Spare Parts

Changed new spectacle plate and cutting ring, mixing system and motor

S valve, small and big bearing seat and its seals kits,

Check & test lubricating system, change new lubrication pump

Checked delivery cylinders, replace delivery cylinder new set pistons


3. Hydraulic system

Check & inspect hydraulic main pumps, PTO, main valve and boom valve

Check & test hydraulic pipe, replace all hydraulic oil filter

Check and repair all hydraulic cylinder seal kits

Inspect and change all hydraulic motor oil and its seals

Completely inspect and fixing all of oil leakage points


4. Electrical System

Check & inspect and test electrical control system

Changed electrical connector, lines, and controller, remote controller


Secondly, Chassis Maintenance

Replace engine oil, engine oil filter, diesel filter, air filter

Inspect & changed brake pad, wheel hub and its gear oil, clutch, pressure plate

Check and repair lighting system

Changed whole pump truck new tyres


Thirdly, Pumping Water Testing

Testing hydraulic and engine system completely

Cleaning and repaint for pump truck (Or repainting customization )


Finally, Repainting body of pump truck

Every repair and Refurbished steps can be checked with photo and video record.

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