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Concrete pump truck structure introduction

August 04,2023

Concrete pump truck  is an important equipment commonly used in modern building construction. It can efficiently transport concrete from the mixing station to the construction site, which greatly improves the construction efficiency and quality.

The structure of the concrete pump truck is complex and precise, and its main structure will be briefly introduced below.

1. Chassis structure: The chassis of the concrete pump truck is the foundation of the entire equipment, usually consisting of the chassis frame, cab, engine, transmission system and suspension system. The chassis frame has sufficient strength and stability to support the work of the concrete pump. The engine provides power for the pump truck, the transmission system transmits the power of the engine to other parts of the pump truck, and the suspension system affects the driving stability of the pump truck under different road conditions.

2. Pumping system: The core part of the concrete pump truck is the pumping system, which includes hydraulic system, delivery pipeline and hydraulic pump. The hydraulic system realizes the pumping and delivery of concrete by controlling the flow of hydraulic oil. The conveying pipeline transports the concrete from the mixing station to the construction site, while the hydraulic pump provides the required pressure and power for the entire pumping process.

3. Counterweight system: Concrete pump trucks usually need telescopic operation of the telescopic arm at the construction site, which will cause changes in the center of gravity of the equipment and may affect stability. In order to maintain the balance of the pump truck, the counterweight system is designed to adjust and balance the center of gravity of the equipment to ensure safety during operation.

4. Telescopic arm structure: The telescopic arm is an important part of the concrete pump truck, which can realize the precise delivery of concrete to different positions on the construction site. The telescopic boom is usually composed of multiple telescopic joints, which are controlled by the hydraulic system to achieve different length adjustments.

5. Control system: The control system of the concrete pump truck is used to operate and monitor various functions of the equipment, including pumping, operation of the telescopic arm, and safety protection. Modern concrete pump trucks are usually equipped with advanced electronic control systems, which make the operation more precise and convenient.

To sum up, the structure of a concrete pump truck includes multiple parts such as chassis, pumping system, counterweight system, telescopic arm structure and control system. They work together to enable the equipment to complete the concrete delivery task efficiently and stably. Building construction provides vital support.


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