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Concrete mixer truck structure and function analysis

August 01,2023

Concrete mixer truck  is an important equipment commonly used in construction sites. It is used to mix raw materials into concrete and provide high-quality building materials for construction. Its complex structure and precise design ensure the uniformity and stability of the concrete.

The following is the main structure and function introduction of the concrete mixer truck.

1. Mixing drum: The mixing drum is the core component of a concrete mixer truck, usually consisting of a cylindrical container whose inner wall is covered with special mixing blades. During the mixing process, the mixing drum will rotate to fully mix the concrete raw materials and ensure the quality and uniformity of the concrete.

2. Transportation system: The concrete mixer truck is equipped with a powerful power system to drive the vehicle to transport concrete raw materials between the construction site and the mixing station. The transportation system also includes a hydraulic system and a transmission system to control the rotation and discharge of the mixing drum.

3. Unloading system: The unloading system of the concrete mixer truck can discharge the concrete from the mixing drum, usually through a hydraulic lifting mechanism. The design of the unloading system affects the efficiency and smoothness of concrete unloading.

4. Cab: The cab of the concrete mixer truck is equipped with an operation console, through which the driver can monitor and control various functions of the mixer truck, such as the rotation speed of the mixing drum, unloading operation, etc.

5. Concrete feeding system: The feeding system of the concrete mixer truck includes water pumps, water tanks, water pipes, etc., which are used to mix water and concrete raw materials to ensure the humidity and fluidity of the concrete.

6. Electronic control system: Modern concrete mixer trucks are usually equipped with advanced electronic control systems, which can realize automatic operation and monitoring. These systems can accurately control parameters such as the rotating speed of the mixing drum, the discharge speed, and the proportion of concrete, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of concrete mixing.

To sum up, the structure of concrete mixer truck includes multiple parts such as mixing drum, transportation system, unloading system, cab, feeding system and electronic control system, which work together to ensure the full mixing and stirring of concrete raw materials, for The construction site provides reliable building material support.


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