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About Zoomlion 25T Truck Crane

March 21,2024

Inthe25-ton entry-level crane market, major manufacturers are in a dislocation, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, and are evenly matched. With the launch of Zoomlion's new 25-ton entry-level crane ZTC250A-1, the market structure has changed suddenly, and entry-level cranes are powerful.

Zoomlion ZTC250A-1

Zoomlion ZTC250A-1 has a boom length of up to 41m, which has increased the lifting height. In addition, it has an advanced boom structure with a longer telescopic arm. The maximum lifting arm of the basic arm can reach 1067kN.m, .

20%. Higher load capacity and longer service life.

The maximum speed of the single rope of the ZTC250A-1  truck crane  is 130m/min, and the arm can be raised in about 30 seconds. The arm can be fully extended in 74 seconds, and the rotation speed can reach 2.8 turns per minute. In specific lifting operations, the comprehensive work efficiency is leading. Behind the race against time and every inch is Zoomlion's accumulated technical strength.

With excellent walking performance, equipped with Weichai WP7 series engine + Fast 8-speed synchronizer, ZTC250A-1 has a maximum walking distance of 80 runway baselines, a minimum baseline width of 21 meters, and a maximum climbing force of 41%, which brings great mechanical performance and site reset.

For helicopters, Zoomlion ZTC250A-1 continues to use the classic 2.55 m vehicle width, three-axle 6×4 molding structure, a vehicle weight of 32.3 tons, and a length of 6.3 meters.

Hunan WISASTA Import & Export Co., Ltd., a high-quality partner, was invited to participate in the new product launch of Zoomlion concrete machinery

On March 17, Zoomlion held a grand launch conference for new concrete machinery products at the Concrete Machinery Park of Zoomlion Smart Industrial City, releasing benchmark new products such as the new generation "Lingyun" 73-meter pump truck and "Lingguan" new energy mixer truck, as well as a number of first-of-its-kind innovative technologies such as single-person auxiliary operation, full-process operation safety control, and digital operation management, fully demonstrating Zoomlion's industry-leading strength in the field of concrete machinery.

Hunan WISASTA Import and Export Co., Ltd., as a high-quality partner of Zoomlion, represented and attended the opening ceremony. Agree on the development goals of future win-win cooperation, and unswervingly promote construction machinery-Made in China to overseas and even the world.

As the colorful smoke drone formation draws a gorgeous rainbow in the sky, Zoomlion's various series of ingenious products have appeared one after another, showing off their unique "stunts". Among them, the new generation of "Lingyun" series pump trucks assembled and debuted, including 73 meters, 70 meters, 63 meters, 62 meters, 50 meters, 38 meters, 31 meters and other meter-segment products, equipped with multiple brand chassis, which can fully meet the needs of different construction scenarios.

The world's longest boom new energy pump truck, Zoomlion's 70-meter light hybrid  pump truck, 62-meter medium hybrid pump truck and 63-meter pure electric pump truck, have been on display. Through the application of distributed electric drive, energy recovery and other technologies, they have greatly reduced comprehensive energy consumption and created higher profits for users.

In recent years, Zoomlion has firmly adhered to the innovation-driven development strategy, accelerated the construction of smart factories and the comprehensive application of cutting-edge technologies, and achieved leapfrog development in the field of concrete machinery. At present, Zoomlion has built the most efficient, smartest and greenest smart factory for concrete machinery in the industry, innovated a number of world-leading technologies, and created a number of world-first products.


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