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Pure electric Road Sweeper and cleaning truck for city street and airport runway


City appearance arrangement and clean

  • Description

The classic layout of "two sweeping plates + wide suction nozzle + V-shaped spray rod" has high cleaning rate and fast operation speed.

With a set of road cleaning, cleaning, roadside scrubbing, spray dust removal and other functions, a multi-purpose car;

Intelligent voice alarm system is installed, which can monitor and alarm the working state, ensure the normal operation of the machine and prevent the occurrence of accidents;

Integrated intelligent instrument, real-time query. Professional fault diagnosis module, rapid fault diagnosis;

High pressure water pump and other core components, imported famous brands, high reliability of the whole machine;

Optimized power configuration, wide efficient working area of the motor, energy saving and noise reduction * advanced high voltage distribution management system, to ensure the high voltage safety of the vehicle, vehicle system stability.


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